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Corporate reorganization

The corporate structure must allow for tax optimization and meet the entrepreneur’s needs. The establishment of a management company and/or a trust may be considered, but these tools must allow you to take advantage of them. A structure adapted to your objectives will save you a lot of hassle when the day comes to finalize your fiscal year-end or in the future.

Estate planning

The first thing that comes to mind with estate planning is death taxes. We can help you maximize the value of the estate by minimizing the taxes payable upon death. In addition, there are tax plans that can be put in place after death to avoid double taxation when assets are transferred to heirs. Early estate planning will save your heirs a lot of trouble and maximize your estate.

Sale and purchase of a company

There are important tax considerations that must be taken into account when planning a business acquisition and sale structure. With the objectives of the buyer and seller being very different, our experts are there to support you in closing this transaction.

Due diligence

Due diligence is part of the process of buying a business and allows one to be reassured about possible tax liabilities. Various professionals are involved in this process, as due diligence is also done, among other things, at the legal and accounting levels. The due diligence will help you in the sales price negotiations, will allow you to identify the risks specific to the business and will reassure you in your decision to pursue the acquisition or not.

Business succession

This transfer must be thought out and prepared several years before the big day. Fiscal and emotional aspects will come into play. Our experts are here to help you in this process and suggest different ways to transfer your business to the next generation.

Family trust and asset protection

What is the purpose of a trust? And who could benefit from integrating a family trust into their corporate structure? If you are asking yourself these questions, our experts are here to answer you and analyze your situation. A trust should be considered if it allows you to meet one or more of the following objectives: increase the capital gains deduction, reduce taxes upon death or protect assets.

Real Estate

When acquiring real estate, whether it is for investment purposes or related to your operations, the question of who should acquire or own the asset is very relevant. We can help you answer this question and propose optimal structures for your situation.


Tax compliance is essential to comply with the various tax rules and avoid unpleasant surprises, but it also ensures that the company benefits from all the tax incentives and credits available to your business. Our expertise will save you money. If you are the subject of a tax audit, we can defend your rights during the audit, the draft assessment, or at the objection stage.


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